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The Commitment to Children and Education:

The founder's core team of SRI School is committed to enable and sustain learner-friendly approaches in education. Therefore, all initiatives in SRI School have a thoughtful, simple and enduring. Cultural and pedagogical innovations are introduced in the school's curricular practices to keep the requirement of children and young learners in mind at all times. The requirements of children and young people are understood in terms of the values added to their character, their evolving aspirations, creative selves and endless potential to find confidence and success in life. Cultural and pedagogical innovations in SRI School are built on a structure of eight pillars.

  • Experimental Education
  • Integrated Learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Social-Emotional Care and Development
  • Proficiency in Languages and communication
  • Democratic Participation
  • Co-Existence with Nature
  • Reflective Assessments

The Curriculum Through The School Years

Learning in SRI School is facilitated keeping in mind the specific requirement of the age of the children. The emphasis points at each age are based on children’s readiness, appropriateness of the curriculum and challenges suitable to take them to the next level of education.
Details on how curricular facilitation progresses through the years in the curriculum pages of each school- Per primary, primary, middle & senior. Portals for the same are on the top right of your screen.